Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long do you estimate the design process will take?
A: Depending on the size of the construction and your input in the design, it usually takes between 1- 2 months to finalise the project’s look and feel,. Finally checking and doubling checking the details, ready for submission to the Camara (local authorities) who grant the full approval for you to go ahead and build.
Q: How long will it take to get the project approved with the local authorities?
A: This takes usually takes between 4-6 week’s, for the Camara to issue the Alvara (construction license), giving you the ok to start the build, during this period we define finishing specifications and budgets, obtaining various construction quotes from local builders for you to compare and decide upon.
Q: Can you give me clients who you have designed and built for as a reference?
A: Yes we have numerous happy clients who would be pleased to speak to you and discuss their experience using our services, the process of design and on going support through to the completed project.
Q: How long do you estimate the construction process will take?
A: Normally, between 12– 15 months depending on the size of the project, from the issuing of the Alvara (construction license) and the appointment of the builder to walking in to your new home.
Q: What do you charge for your services?
A: Our first consultation is free of charge, during which we can discuss the scale of the project and the input you require from us, being anything from a simple renovation or extension, to a complete resort development. Large or small we are available to assist with all construction work management, and if necessary fully co-ordinate all aspects of the build, right through to completion.
Q: What does Project management include?
A: This is the full integration and management of the project, communicating and liaising between the client, local authorities, sub-contractors. Making sure that the build it’s completed on budget and on time. All stages of the project are mapped out with the client from the start with all specifications discussed and budgeted in advance. Regular site visits are recommended during the build, although most details can be handled by email and telephone communication between visits.
Q: How many years have you been operating as Architects in the Algarve?
A: We have been qualified for 17 years, as Portuguese registered Architects and have designed and built over 100 bespoke villas and numerous resort projects in this time, for a wide range of Portuguese and International clients.